November 28, 2015

3 Easy Copywriting Tips That Increase Conversions

Great copywriting is about selling your product or brand. You yearn to increase traffic and profits. So putting your product out there with an eye-grabbing picture and a stellar ‘gotta-have-it’ blurb should do the trick, right? Well, not exactly…and here’s why. Because to the consumer, its all about them – not you. If you come off sounding like a robo-salesperson, you can bet your reader will click to the next great Google search before your Pop-Up can implore, “PLEASE – Follow Me!”

These three magical tips will keep your customers engaged and coming back for more.

Keep It Real, Honest and Worthwhile

Let your personality shine through. Tell your visitors why this idea or product will help them. Benefiting them should be your primary goal. Keep this in mind as you express how your great product (your blog, newsletter or ebook) will make their life more wonderful. People want quick and easy results that are meaningful. Your readers are brilliant and have been around the web long enough to spot fake sentiment. Let your site visitor feel like you ‘get’ them and that you are a worth trusting. Once you connect, conversions will come effortlessly.

Ask Your Readers a Question

“How would you like to…”, “Wouldn’t you enjoy…”, “Isn’t it time your life became easier by…?” Again – keep it about them, offering something to improve their knowledge or quality of life. Still keeping it real and honest. Keep your offerings relevant and up-to-date. If your conversions slow down, take a second look. Give your posts, emails or freebies a boost with new blurbs or new offerings completely. Oh, and one last thing – word your questions in such a way that the obvious and only response is “OH HECK YES! SIGN ME UP!”

Sign Them Up!

Which brings me to this next tip – your Call To Action. They like it – they want it…now what? Make sure your sign-up button is easy to find. In fact, you could have a couple of spots that allows your site visitors to click and enjoy. Don’t be elusive – make that button large enough for blurry-eyed, late-night readers to find it. Have colors that don’t blend into the background, but not neon either – you don’t want to seem desperate, looking only for the sale. Remember, even in this final step, it is still all about them.
Always was, always will be.